Humberto Brito (b. Setúbal, Portugal, 1980) is a professor in the Department of Portuguese Studies of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, FCSH. He obtained his PhD in Literary Theory at the University of Lisbon (2007), where he had a visiting appointment in 2009. Also as visiting faculty, he taught at Stanford (2009, 2014), at the University of Chicago (2011), and at the University of New York, NYU (2023/2024). He studied Photography at the Atelier de Lisboa for a few, important years. He never quite understood the need to describe his research interests, or that of referring to himself in the third person. He has good reasons not to do at least one of these things. He published the books listed on the homepage.  He believes in the overall picture that emerges from what he does and in the continuity between his photography, his writings and his teaching. Yet he considers his opinion on this image to be incomplete, manifestly incoherent and without public interest. He is a contributor to Quatro Cinco Um.